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Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) and ACL Screenings

posted on: Sep 25th, 2017 category:rehabilitation, community, news

Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance (PEP) and ACL Screenings

West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic strives to give back to the community. We are passionate about our free annual pre-season sports screening to help prevent knee injuries, especially ACL injuries.

At the beginning of each sports season, we offer ACL screenings to local schools and sports programs at no cost. The screening we use was developed based on results from a study published by The American Journal of Sports Medicine. It involves observing the strength, balance, and coordination of each athlete and then recording a video of the athlete performing a standardized jump-landing test.

We analyze the video employing Dartfish technology. It allows us to obtain detailed snapshots of the athlete’s movement. Then, using the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS), we give feedback to each athlete.  We also present our recommendations on how to improve their strength and coordination. We show young athletes how why they need to change their motor patterns in order to reduce the risk of having an ACL injury.

The PEP (Prevent injury and Enhance Performance) program has two parts. First, it helps to strengthen athletes. Next, it helps reduce the occurrence of knee injuries, particularly ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)  injuries. The program consists of a warm-up, strengthening, plyometrics, and agility drills to address decreased strength and coordination of the leg muscles. The PEP program is time-based. It keeps the focus on the quality of movement. For example, forward/backward double-leg hops are for 60 seconds, not ten repetitions. This method helps the athlete focus on correct form.

We don’t limit our screening to schools. If you have a concern about an athlete of any sport or any age, please come in or call to set up an appointment. Our skilled and knowledgeable physical therapists are available to help you. We look forward to working with our community and keeping everyone happy and healthy for all of their activities!

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