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COVID-19 and Physical Therapy: Our Commitment to Patient Safety During the Pandemic

posted on: Jul 15th, 2021 category:rehabilitation, community, news

Physical Therapy is an Essential Service As a medical treatment, physical therapy is deemed an essential service during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have remained open through the pandemic to serve our patients. Is it Safe to Go to a Physical Therapy Clinic Right Now? We are following all CDC guidelines to protect our staff and […]

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WPPTC’s Dance Physical Therapist Visits Buenos Aires

posted on: Jun 2nd, 2019 category:dance, rehabilitation, community, news

This April, I was in one of my favorite cities, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to participate in the Mega Zouk Congress. Buenos Aires has one of the largest and most active communities of the dance Zouk Lambada in the world. There I taught this dance, as well as ballet and injury prevention for lambada. I was […]

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Ready to Ride Pain Free?

posted on: Mar 26th, 2019 category:rehabilitation, community

by Blake Tucker-Jones, PTA As the warmer weather beckons us to spend more time on our bikes, overuse injuries become more prevalent. The most common injury reported is anterior knee pain. This can be caused by limited hamstring flexibility, tight IT band, low cadence while pedaling, or poor cleat alignment to name a few. Let’s […]

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What Is the Meeks Method?

posted on: Nov 26th, 2018 category:rehabilitation

by Patti Koehler, PT, WCS Everyone has heard of the importance of weight bearing exercise to help build bone density or decrease the rate of bone loss. Weight-bearing exercise is but one piece of a part of a comprehensive treatment approach for osteoporosis. The Meeks Method is an exercise and alignment program developed by Sara […]

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Understanding Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

posted on: Nov 26th, 2018 category:rehabilitation

by Patti Koehler, PT, WCS Osteoporosis is a musculoskeletal disorder that causes thinning of the bones with a reduction in bone mass and bone strength which predisposes one to increased risk of fracture. Osteoporosis affects one in two women and one in four men over the age of 60. Osteoporosis is more prevalent than coronary […]

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So, You Had a Baby, Eh?

posted on: Jun 28th, 2018 category:rehabilitation

by E. Anne Patron, DPT Once postpartum, it is very beneficial to get checked out by a pelvic floor physical therapist. The birth of a child, though an incredible experience, can be traumatic to the pelvic floor, even if the labor and delivery was normal. No matter if you had a c-section or vaginal delivery, […]

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