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An RC Literary Event with Author Karen Andrea Campbell, Friend of the Clinic

posted on: Jul 27th, 2021 category:news

Please join us for an evening with Karen Andrea Campbell, an American writer and advocate. Ten years ago, Karen was living the American dream in Portland: a wife and a mother of two active teenage daughters, a productive career, and an outdoor enthusiast. Until one fateful day, exhausted, after a long day skiing on Mt. Hood, she caused […]

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COVID-19 and Physical Therapy: Our Commitment to Patient Safety During the Pandemic

posted on: Jul 15th, 2021 category:rehabilitation, community, news

Physical Therapy is an Essential Service As a medical treatment, physical therapy is deemed an essential service during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have remained open through the pandemic to serve our patients. Is it Safe to Go to a Physical Therapy Clinic Right Now? We are following all CDC guidelines to protect our staff and […]

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Clinic Re-opening

posted on: Apr 26th, 2020 category:community, news

We are happy to announce that we have re-opened our clinic and returned to providing patient care as of Monday, April 6, 2020. We have also begun offering Telehealth visits. During our inaugural week of this service, we are getting great responses from our patients. We are happy to offer Telehealth care to you if […]

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Kathi McCoy Honored by Legacy Health

posted on: Apr 6th, 2020 category:Kathi McCoy, community, news

Kathi McCoy was recently honored by Legacy Health for including the Good Samaritan Foundation in her estate plan. “It was just about being practical,” says Kathi, “being a strategic planner, leaving this world with as much joy and as little chaos as possible.” Kathi is managing partner at the West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic and […]

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Lena Thieme, PT Teaches and Dances in Brazil

posted on: Feb 3rd, 2020 category:art, dance, community, news

Lena Thieme, a member of West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic’s dance rehabilitation team, has recently returned from Brazil where she was teaching, performing, and helping dancers dance more freely. While there, she was honored as a princess of Lambada in a ceremony celebrating influential women of Lambada. She also performed a contemporary solo depicting Yemanja, […]

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Meet Our Team: Jennifer Field, PT, DPT

posted on: Jan 15th, 2020 category:community, news

Jen currently treats a wide spectrum of orthopedic conditions ranging from athletic injuries to chronic pain. She has special interest in working with runners of all levels to improve their form and design exercise programs individualized to their needs. She is currently pursuing a certification as a Health Coach in order to better assist patients […]

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WPPTC Now Offers Bike Fitting

posted on: Jul 7th, 2019 category:community, news

Mention This Blog Post and get $50 Off Your First Bike Fit! Did you know there are over 22,000 people who commute by bike here in Portland? That ranks us seventh in the nation! There are so many people choosing to bike these days, and for every rider, there’s a different reason to ride. Whether […]

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WPPTC’s Dance Physical Therapist Visits Buenos Aires

posted on: Jun 2nd, 2019 category:dance, rehabilitation, community, news

This April, I was in one of my favorite cities, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to participate in the Mega Zouk Congress. Buenos Aires has one of the largest and most active communities of the dance Zouk Lambada in the world. There I taught this dance, as well as ballet and injury prevention for lambada. I was […]

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Friend of the Clinic Honored as 2018 Humanitarian of the Year

posted on: May 24th, 2019 category:community, news

Janeen McAninch, a close friend to Kathi McCoy and the West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, was named 2018 Humanitarian of the Year by Medical Teams International. Watch this inspirational video about Janeen. Kathi and Janeen’s family tell about Janeen’s selfless acts and how she has changed her family, her community, and the world.

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MTI: 40 Years of Love

posted on: May 3rd, 2019 category:Kathi McCoy

40 Years of Love For four decades, Medical Teams International has been on the frontlines of disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and human-made crises, providing compassionate medical care to the sick and hurting. This is an organization that I am deeply committed to and actively support in multiple ways. In MTI’s 40 Years of Love video, […]

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WPPTC Physical Therapist Dances and Teaches in Brazil

posted on: Mar 26th, 2019 category:dance, news

by M. Lena Thieme, PT, MPT Lambada is a Brazilian social partner dance that involves circular head and body movements, turns and multiple spins, cambré or back bending, and sometimes deep-knee bending. One can imagine that there may be a lot of neck, back, and ankle injuries as it requires a lot of the musculoskeletal […]

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Ready to Ride Pain Free?

posted on: Mar 26th, 2019 category:rehabilitation, community

by Blake Tucker-Jones, PTA As the warmer weather beckons us to spend more time on our bikes, overuse injuries become more prevalent. The most common injury reported is anterior knee pain. This can be caused by limited hamstring flexibility, tight IT band, low cadence while pedaling, or poor cleat alignment to name a few. Let’s […]

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