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Addressing pelvic floor muscles can improve a variety of women's health issues.

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Many women’s health issues have their origins in pelvic floor muscles. When these muscles become weak or carry excess tension, they produce a variety of uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. We understand that talking about these symptoms can be embarrassing. At West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, our physical therapists are specially trained to assist with conditions specific to women.

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Understanding what’s going on with your pelvic floor muscles is the first step to take on the path to healing. We begin with a physical examination to determine the source of your pain followed by a plan toward recovery. Sometimes even a single visit will result in improvement. Our physical therapists are trained to recognize the unique physiology and dysfunctions specific to women so we can give you the support and treatment you need to manage your long-term physical well being.

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Pelvic Pain

Evaluating and treating your pelvic pain is our first priority in helping you return to full health. You may be experiencing many different types of pain related to the pelvic floor muscles. Diagnoses from your doctor can include dyspareunia, vaginismus, vestibulitis, vulvodynia, coccydynia, levator ani syndrome, round ligagment pain, and priformis syndrome.

Lower Abdominal Pain

Chronic lower abdominal and myofascial pain, not resulting from cysts or fibroids, may actually be referred from pelvic floor muscles. These diagnoses often respond quickly to pelvic floor treatment. Past abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomies, cesarean sections, and hernia repairs may also cause pain due to adhesions. We can reduce your abdominal pain from these adhesions with appropriate soft tissue and scar mobilization.

Urinary Dysfunction

Urinary problems can include increased frequency, urgency, and incontinence. Emptying your bladder more than 6-8 times in a 24 hour period is considered excessive. We can often help you manage your symptoms in just a few weeks with treatment targeted specifically to address your concerns.

Pelvic Prolapse

A mild pelvic prolapse is when a structure such as the bladder, urethra, uterus, or rectum falls out of the normal position. Non-surgical management of a grade I or II prolapse involves identifying the structure at fault, determining correct postural alignment, and performing appropriate exercises of the pelvic floor muscles.

Post Mastectomy Rehab

You may be experiencing soft tissue and joint limitations following a mastectomy. Our physical therapists are trained in orthopedic manual therapy techniques to address neck, shoulder, ribs, and spine to help you regain full range of motion, reduce lymph drainage, and recover your strength.

Clinical Expertise

Our therapists have expertise and experience in a wide range of activities, so we understand where you're coming from and where you want to go. Long-term success begins with a focus on a home program. We understand what you need to progress rapidly.

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A quick phone call to our clinic is all that is necessary to get you started on your road to recovery and better health.

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