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Our practice begins with you

Our team is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of exercise for building flexibility and strength, and for alleviating the stresses we all face in our daily lives.  Our personal training sessions are built around your goals and rehabilitation needs.  Together we use strength training, core development, and balance exercises to create a stronger, more flexible and energetic you!


What can I expect?

We believe that fitness is attainable for all individuals no matter where they are in their lives!  Each person begins with his or her own life experience and moves forward towards a balanced, healthier, and more active lifestyle.

We customize a fitness routine to improve your posture and balance and increase your strength and flexibility.

How we treat

You will experience a style of Hatha yoga that focuses on alignment and proper body mechanics.  As we progress in your practice, we will incorporate more flow types of movement, or vinyasa.

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Helping you return to full health and activity is our first priority.
Flow Yoga

A style of Hatha yoga that links strengthening and stretching, increases fitness, improves flexibility, and alleviates stress.

Restorative Yoga

An excellent option for beginners, this program moves at a slower pace and focuses on the foundations of yoga.

Mat Pilates

Emphasizing the principles of Pilates through flexibility, balance, core strength, and breathing.

Personal Training

Individualized training based upon each person's needs, concerns, and abilities.

Golf Training

Individualized golf fitness evaluation and a specialized golf fitness program to improved your golf game.

Bike Fitting

Our trained staff will make adjustments to your bike according to your specific issues and your body’s strength and flexibility. Along with a musculoskeletal assessment, we take into consideration the type of riding you do to find the optimal position of comfort for your body.

Ready to Get Started?

A quick phone call to our clinic is all that is necessary to get you started on your road to recovery and better health.

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